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Coil Father Fused Clapton Coils

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Pack of 10 fused clapton premade coils from coil father. 

A "coil father fused clapton coil" is a type of coil used in the vaping industry for building atomizers. In vaping, atomizers are devices that heat e-liquids to create vapor that is then inhaled by the user.

A Clapton coil is a type of build that consists of a thin gauge wire wrapped around a thicker gauge wire. The result is a coil with more surface area than a traditional wire coil, which can lead to improved flavor and vapor production.

The term "fused" refers to the method of building the Clapton coil. In a fused Clapton, multiple thin wires are laid parallel to each other, then wrapped with another thin wire. This creates a multi-stranded coil that can handle higher wattage and provides a more even heat distribution compared to a traditional Clapton.


0.3*0.8 + 32ga

0.45 ohm


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