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Aspire Triton RTA System

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The Aspire Triton RTA System is an accessory designed for use with the Aspire Triton series of tanks. RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, which means it allows vapers to build and customize their own coils and wicks.

The Aspire Triton RTA System consists of several components:

  1. Build Deck: The build deck is the main platform where users can install their own coil builds. It typically features two or more posts with screw terminals to secure the coil leads.

  2. Airflow Control: The RTA System includes adjustable airflow control, allowing vapers to fine-tune the amount of airflow that passes through the coil. This feature helps customize the vaping experience by adjusting the draw and vapor production.

  3. Tank Section: The RTA System includes a tank section that holds the e-liquid. It connects to the build deck and allows for easy refilling of e-liquid. The tank capacity may vary depending on the specific Triton tank model.

  4. Glass or Metal Sleeve: The tank section is enclosed by a glass or metal sleeve that protects the tank and holds the e-liquid inside. The sleeve is transparent to allow vapers to monitor the e-liquid level.

  5. Chimney: The chimney is a component that connects the build deck to the mouthpiece. It helps channel the vapor produced by the coil to the mouthpiece for inhalation.

  6. Drip Tip: The RTA System typically comes with a removable drip tip or mouthpiece. It can be replaced with a different drip tip of the user's choice for personalization and comfort.

The Aspire Triton RTA System offers vapers the flexibility to experiment with different coil builds and wicking materials, allowing for customization and fine-tuning of the vaping experience. It provides an option for vapers who prefer the satisfaction and control of building their own coils while still enjoying the features and design of the Aspire Triton tank series.

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